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Employment Opportunites

Company Culture

Wishing Well has 11 classrooms and a team of 32 teachers educating and caring for children from the ages of 6 weeks to 10 years. We value a respectful environment, embrace the diversity of our team, and love to have fun!

Our team is extremely supportive of new teachers, and because of this we ensure new teachers are welcomed and prepared. To do this, each new teacher starts their career by spending time with a variety of employees. The goal here is to get comfortable in the environment, learn the Wishing Well processes, and get to know everyone! Again, we are a team! So, we want to welcome you as a team member. You will also participate in an online orientation during this time. Your supervisor will help you get adjusted to your room and support you as you make this new classroom your own!

We believe in providing our teachers with the necessary resources to be able to develop creative curriculums. We know you are a talented professional, so we want you to have room to let your skills shine. You will have access to the biggest arts, crafts, and toy storage room you have ever seen! You will get paid plan time, have access to an extra for those crazy, messy activities, and feel supported if you ever have questions or feel overwhelmed.

As leaders in early education, we know how hard you work, and we want to provide you with the right environment. We also want you to be fully valued and to be able to work to the fullest capacity of your talents!

Wishing Well abides by all state laws and takes pride in being known for that. You will find our team is fair, ensuring everyone has a good work / life balance, not just the longer-term employees, but all. We are so excited to welcome you into our team!


After 90 days, all employees have access to the following benefits:

  1. Health Insurance: we offer Quartz and pay 50% for individual and 25% on all other plans
  2. Supplemental Insurance: we offer Aflac, as a supplemental plan you can purchase for long term care, life insurance, even a trip to the doctor
  3. Dental
  4. Vision
  5. 10 paid days off per year
  6. 11 paid holidays per year
  7. TEACH Scholarship opportunities for higher education: This pays for you to get your degree in early education for virtually FREE! This includes books
  8. Reimbursement to complete your 20 hours of Professional Development hours

We are currently hiring for:

  • Toddler Teacher
  • Preschool Assistant Teacher
  • Assistant Teacher
  • Come Join Our Team! Either apply and we will reach out to schedule an interview or email us now and get your questions answered.


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